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Are you curious about how this affiliate marketing thing works? Basically, I'm an online blog writer who curates lists of items to share on my blog. If you read about an item and decide to click on a link, that link will take you to either Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Bookshop. If you end up buying anything from the website you clicked to within 24 hours of clicking, I'll earn a small commission for guiding you to the website. There is absolutely no additional cost to you. The link just lets the corporate overlords know that I recommended you check out an item on a certain website. 


I am a freelance writer, and this blog is (hopefully) going to be one of the ways I make a bit of extra money to support my reading habit. I have read most of the books I recommend, and those I haven't yet read are likely on my list of books to read. I guess it's better to be addicted to books than most other things, amiright? 


If you have any other questions about affiliate marketing, head over to the contact page and shoot me an email. Thanks for stopping by!

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